SEO is Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Expert search engine optimization is a combination of creativity and technical skill.

For SEO to perform optimally it needs to be precise. Link Digital Media is a premier online marketing agency. Our focus is on quality and attention to detail.

When it comes to the search engines they have strict guidelines to adhere to. We offer website and video optimization services for clients looking to improve their organic search results placement.

Search engine optimization takes many different moving parts and combines them to create a seamless end product. We create unique rich content that the end user can find useful and relevant.

Our strategies are all backed by Google best practices so that our clients can rest assured of the longevity of the work being performed.

On page SEO is a critical element for organically higher rankings. We meticulously go through a website and fine-tune the code and all relevant aspects to help the search engines crawl the site.

Search engine crawling is when your site is inspected to determine what your site is about. If your site is not optimized properly these crawls can return errors and can negatively affect rankings.

If a site is properly formatted and indexed it has the ability to appear at the top of search results. Quality content creation, on page optimization and even social media engagements can all positively benefit your website and drive more traffic.

Web traffic is important but it’s also very important that your site can create conversions. Conversions are an action that you’d like a potential customer to perform. These actions can be a simple click, a call, a purchase or filling out a contact form for example.

We provide a traffic funnel so that your online visitors do not simply bounce off of your site upon arrival. Implementing proper strategies can improve your sites conversion and bounce rates.

With every click to your website, there is a potential conversion if you can engage them with useful and relevant content. Part of what we do is monitor this flow of traffic to be able to spot any potential bottlenecks or common problematic behaviors.

Google has given us SEO’s very helpful and powerful analytics tools. These help to evaluate just about anything that can improve the user experience.

A majority of all search goes to the organic placements in search engines. At Link Digital Media you’re in good hands as we excel at top placements so our client’s competition is not the first click.

Search Engine Marketing

Why Search Engine Marketing Matters.

Search Engine Marketing is a combination of SEO and other forms of online advertising such as pay per click advertising. When used together each can compliment the other in search results. With the proper search engine optimizations, your paid marketing efforts will be more cost-effective. A properly optimized site will increase your Google quality score.
With a better quality score, your PPC campaigns can cost less when implemented properly. A well rounded marketing strategy often times incorporate several different digital marketing strategies. This is collectively called Search Engine Marketing.

When you are trying to grow name recognition for your customers we call this branding. Utilizing different strategies at the same time with your advertising can help potential customers gain familiarity with your company. Even the largest companies recognize the cumulative effect on brand recognition this can have. SEO has the ability to gain a form of free advertising as your website gets listed in the organic placements on search engines. PPC will help you to show in the paid sections of the search results.

A majority of the search will click on the non-paid results. This is why it’s important for our clients to understand and work closely with us to determine where is best to put their advertising dollars.

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